Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social responsibility


This page details PCSR publications and books by PCSR members.

PCSR has two publications:

Transformations - a desktop journal edited by Kate O'Halloran - please contact her through this website. Submissions from PCSR members are welcomed.

Politics and Psychotherapy International - a peer-reviewed journal published by John Wiley and edited by Keith Tudor. Members of PCSR receive 3 editions per year and also have on-line access to past editions of PPI


The theme of the latest edition of Transformations, winter 2013, is social responsibility. It reports in detail on the November 2012 'What is Social Responsibility?' pcsr event, including details of Adrian Henrique's presentation on this theme and pieces from two other pcsr members, Julia Young and Steven Cox. This edition also includes introductions from each of pcsr's steering group members, reviews of two recent conferences from Arthur Musgrave and Mercedes Fonfria and full details of pcsr events planned for 2013. Please contact Kate O'Halloran through this website to purchase a copy.

For access to previous pdf versions of Transformations please visit the archive page


Books section

Below is a list of books written or edited by our members. Earn money for PCSR by ordering books:  if you order over £15 of books by clicking on their images, a small percentage of what you pay will go to PCSR. You can also order anything else from Amazon by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page, and PCSR will also benefit.


If you have written or edited a book that is not included, please let us know!

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