Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social responsibility

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We are psychotherapists, counsellors and other professionals who:

• recognise the impact of the political dimension on the client- practitioner
• develop ideas about how social, political, environmental and cultural
issues can be integrated into theory and practice
• address and challenge racism, sexism, homophobia and classism as well as other forms of prejudice and discriminatory practice at all levels within our professions
• campaign for better provision of statutory and low-cost counselling or
psychotherapy services
pcsr and this website is a forum for psychotherapists and counsellors who want to influence and broaden the political process by:
• contributing psychological perspectives to debates on current social, cultural,
environmental and political issues
• developing new ways of dialogue that integrate the personal and political in our
daily lives
• engaging in with policy-makers and the media in ways that acknowledge diversity
and discourage polarised thinking
• generating action and launching campaigns
pcsr (organisational) membership is open to all who are interested in bringing counselling and psychotherapy into the public domain

• organises conferences and other events on social and political issues
• organises an annual Psychotherapy and Politics Conference in May and other events
• encourages and supports members in forming local and theme-based groups
• produces Transformations, an in-house journal 2-3 times per year
• has groups that arrange events, seminars, workshops and training days.
• supports initiatives undertaken by other organisations
• has Politics and Psychotherapy International (PPI) as its peer-reviewed

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