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We were discussing the use of this forum at the AGM on Saturday (9th November 2013).  We were aware that the group is very quiet, so we perhaps don't feel there'll be much to read if we do log in?  But I wonder why this should be - after all there's almost 700 members here. 

What we don't know, of course, is how many people look in here and read what's been written.  Personally I'd like an idea of that, so please PLEASE put up at least a one-word reply so we can see how many people read this.

Some facts.  I'm a member of various hobby forums.  One, in particular, is a pretty learned bunch of people interested in a slightly esoteric subject; there's about 1,400 members and they contribute something between 5 and 25 postings every day, with typically around 25 active topics (topics with postings in the last seven days).  By contrast, we've had just six active topics in the whole of 2013 with just 17 postings (excluding this one).  (I have to say I've not exactly been a shining example to the forum, having a staggering total of zero postings.)

So does anyone have any ideas why this forum seems to be so little used?  It has so much potential as a resource, not only for announcements but for wider discussions and networking.  If you want to discuss this, please do - you don't have to stick to one word!  I'm beginning to have one or two ideas why it's like this, but I would love to hear from others before I stick my oar in.  Surely there's endless other things we can discuss too?  Please, please add your contribution.

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Hello Keith,

I've read your 'appeal'. I will try to log in more frequently, if not regularly. Thanks for your thoughts.


I have just found it and read it ~ not sure why we do what we do

or don't do what we don't... tick tock thats my brain turning over...

I wonder if we are used to being fed information rather than being in control of sending it out? That we are getting used to being consumers rather than being pro active??

Or could it be we have nothing to say?

I have just Signed the petition to stop MPs getting an 11% pay rise _ I think it outrageous that when elders cannot afford to heat their homes these public school boys are paying themselves a huge rise..will you join me?

What do you think??


Just a few thoughts



I'm feeling critically overwhelmed and for me, discussion becomes a distraction from my feelings. Perhaps for others avoiding discussion might be a way of avoiding confronting difficult knowledge?

That aside, I'm aware that there's a large crossover between what's discussed here and on the PCU site, and across both organisations social media platforms and email groups. There are 6 places for these kinds of discussions to happen. 


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