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Introducing 'Other than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind'

My latest book: 'Other than mother: choosing childlessness with life in mind' is published by Earth Books today. It explores the decision whether or not to have children, drawing on my practice of Buddhism, bearing in mind ecological and environmental considerations, and societal conditioning around gender and stereotyping. I hope it'll support others in this decision-making process and help us make a stronger connection with other-than-human life on earth, as well as lessening the polarised judgments which we can hold about one another, whether parents or not.

Part I The Worldly Winds explores the backdrop to deciding whether or not to have children, including the cultural changes brought about by a rise in voluntary/intentional childlessness. 

Part II A Private Decision with Global Consequences explores the pros and cons in the decision-making process, including ecological and environmental considerations. 

Part III New Horizons and Baby-sized Projects explores living with the decision.

It has been endorsed by the UK-based ecocide lawyer Polly Higgins, and the eco-activist, author and Fellow of the Post-Carbon Institute, Stephanie Mills, (who was also kind enough to write the Foreword).

To find out more about 'Other than Mother'-related upcoming events etc you can like the 
Facebook page. Or to read reviews, find out how to buy a copy online (ebook and paperback) please click here

Please feel free to share this page, or information, with anyone else who might benefit from support with this decision as well as others who are interested in creating more helpful dialogues around our reproductive choices...

Thanks, Kamalamani

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