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Welcome to PCSR's interactive website for therapists counsellors and all who have an interest in politics and social responsibility. Any one with an interest is very welcome to join the website; however this does not make you a member of the organisation. To become a paid-up member of the organisation PCSR and get the benefits, e.g. journals and conference discounts visit the 'join' page.

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Unlike a standard website, this one is community-built. Please add your thoughts and share relevant information.





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Bea Millar

PCSR: Locating Psychotherapy and Counselling

in a Socio-Political Context

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                                       LATEST NEWS

PCSR has a new website!

After a lot of discussion and hard work by the Steering Group, may we present www.pcsr.org.uk

As well as a good deal of information about PCSR, in future this is where we will announce conferences and other events.

There is also a forum on http://www.pcsr.org.uk/forum/ that we hope will become the main place where discussions will happen.  In contrast to this site, the forum will not offer full access unless you are a fully paid-up member of PCSR.  We do, however, invite you to announce CPD events or actions (demonstrations/pickets etc) you'd like to publicise.  (Yes, it's free advertising, but we value what people bring in by this means.  And of course we hope you'll want to join as a member in due course.)

If you need help using the forum please feel free to contact me using the 'contact us' form that you will find in the main website.

Above all, enjoy!

Keith Barber
Treasurer & Membership Secretary



                                    SOLD OUT

9th PCSR Psychotherapy and Politics Conference

                 MEN, PATRIARCHY and MENTAL HEALTH
                        6th May 2017     9.30 – 5.30 pm 

                NCVO Kings Cross, London  www.ncvo.org.uk

£100 supporters fee, Standard fee £90, PCSR member £70, Concessionary £50, concessionary PCSR member £40 

Please contact dearbhaile@phonecoop.coop

Refreshments included but not lunch. Fully wheelchair accessible. 
 Booking: https://pcsr_conference_men_patriarchy_and_mental_health.eventbrite.co.uk

The time has come to challenge the dysfunction that lies at the heart 
 of patriarchy, to recognise that power is not the same as oppression

Panel Speakers.

Ade Afilaka - clinical psychologist,researcher, 'Black Men do talk'
Rebecca Asher - Author of ‘Man Up: Boys, Men and Breaking the Male Rules', "Patriarchy undoubtedly does most harm to women, but it also damages men. If men were free of limiting cultural expectations they would be happier, better people". http:// www.rebeccaasher.com ;
Jesse Ashman - Writer, community development worker and trans activist. 'Patriarchy and trans masculine experience’ www.genderedintelligence.co.uk ;
Nick Duffell - Psychohistorian, Author and Men’s Group leader. ’The impact of hyper-rationality on men’s hearts’  www.genderpsychology.com ;
Ben Hurst - Project Coordinator (Europe & UK) The Great Initiative. ‘Deconstructing/ reconstructing masculinity, and engaging men and boys in gender equality’  www.thegreatinitiative.org.uk ;
Andrew Samuels - Psychotherapist, Former Chair of UKCP, Co-founder (with Judy Ryde) of PCSR. ‘Sexual  Misconduct in Psychotherapy and Counselling’ www.andrewsamuels.com


Jon Blend 'Rip it up and start again?

Nick Clements Belonging' Understanding male identity

Katherine Cox ' Supporting male survivors of sexual abuse and assault'

Phoebus Ebbini 'Domination/submission: power and sexual roles'

Lakis Georghiou 'The quiet coercive use of patriarchy in film'

Caroline Hearst 'Men, autism and mental health’

Andy Metcalf 'Working with Men in Couples Therapy: Dilemmas and Conduits'

Ben Scanlan 'Banter, feelings and breaking from the crowd'

TO JOIN PCSR: www.pcsr-uk.ning.com or therapist@keith.barber.name
 Booking: https://pcsr_conference_men_patriarchy_and_mental_health.eventbrite.co.uk


PCSR Steering Group and the PCU Committee agreed on 27th November 2016 to send this joint statement to organisations and individuals in the therapy field in the US, in the spirit of support and solidarity.                                                    






PCU and PCSR are two progressive organisations in the UK comprised of therapists with interests in politics, society and culture. Our members are aware of the psychological impacts stemming from the result of the US election, and how these are affecting the life and work of our professional colleagues and their clients. Such impacts are manifest here as well. The atmosphere is one of violence and fear.

We are deeply concerned for the individuals and groups most negatively affected by the election result. These include but are not limited to members of ethnic and ‘racial’ minorities (including African Americans, Native Americans, Latinx and Muslims), sexual minorities, those living with physical disabilities. As a result of the misogyny expressed during the election campaign, we are keenly aware of the impact on women, particularly survivors of sexual violence. We are also greatly concerned at what was said about environmental issues during the election campaign, including climate change. This wide range of issues is not only of external significance but also goes to the heart of the internal and emotional concerns of many citizens.

When therapists work with individuals and groups such as those noted, we are made forcibly aware of the ways in which political and economic structures impact psychologically on them in a disproportionate way. In addition, therapists are often forced to address their own prejudices in connection with clients and colleagues from different backgrounds.

We deplore attempts to stigmatise all those who voted for the victor. This is because we are aware of the systemic and class complexities of the choice that was made by many of them.

We are aware that many therapy organisations in the US and thousands of individual therapists are engaged in a wide range of political actions in protest at the general direction the new Administration seems likely to take. As psychotherapists, counsellors, and activists, we stand in support of our colleagues who seek to mobilise in response to the result of the election. We join our organisational names and our memberships in active solidarity and in the hope of dialogue.

For information on our two organisations:  http://pandcunion.ning.com/ and            



Correspondence: Kate O’Halloran: pcu.union@gmail.com



PCSR ​Annual G​athering ‘Pressing Matters’   ​        ​
November 5th 2016   9:45 - 13:15                      ​
at      NCVO (Close​ to Kings X) 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL​                  ​
In this year’s annual gathering we have asked Judith Anderson and Paul Atkinson to talk for 30 minutes each on something that is most pressing for them at the moment. We are then opening up the morning to members and asking people to volunteer a 5 minute inspirational talk on an issue/something that is at the centre of their lives right now.  We are really keen that as many people as possible get involved and offer 5 minute talks on as broad a range of issues as possible. The theme is ‘pressing matters’. Each talk will be delivered from the small tables (but to the whole group). There are
 slots to be filled and our plan is that these will be part of the following structure:

The space is five tables of (roughly) six participants.

​Programme for the d​ay​

9.45: Intro to the morning (Nick & Bea)

 10:00: Judith Anderson on climate change:  Day by day the urgency of the need for action on climate change becomes more evident. with global temperature records falling 15 months in a row. When monsoons break records in India, what makes the headlines is 3 baby rhinos being rescued from the floods, not one million living in temporary shelters. Like the Eco-psychology project, Climate Psychology includes understanding our reactions, both the grief and despair of those who see clearly and those who are most affected. What is the role of the psychological professions? How can we contribute the psychological piece to this issue?

10:30: Q/A

 10:45: Paul Atkinson :

Yes actually, we are all in the DWP's chain gang together. And we need to break out together.

Since June 2015, an alliance of mental health activists, campaigners opposed to workfare and psy practitioners have been campaigning side by side to protest against the psycho-compulsion of the DWP's work cure policies. Of course it's benefit claimants suffering the brunt of it. But we psychs are not only implicated in our professional bodies' collusion with work cure and state therapy, our own working environments are corralling us into unethical and alienating regimes of therapeutic practice which erode psychological meaning in favour of utilitarian ideological agendas. 

What's the story so far? What plans are there for the future? What do you think?

 11:15 Q/A

 11:30 Coffee/Tea

12:00 Three five minute talks

12:15 Table discussion on the themes/issues raised.

12:30 Three five minute talks

12:45 Table discussion on the themes/issues raised

13:00 ​Large group & summary  (Nick& Suzanne)

!3.​15 -14-30   LUNCH

​PCSR  AGM      14.30 -16-30​

​ ​

It would be great to hear from you

​Come and share what matters to you with our community.
​Please get in touch with your idea(s).  nickjdavis25@gmail.com



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